3 Free Image Hosting Sites for Professional Photographers

As a professional photographer, sharing your photo work with friends on various social platforms is essential. Apart from your photography website, free Image hosting is the next must-have item in the visual-driven market. Although the social media such as Facebook and Instagram offer you an opportunity to create albums, they do not offer the best solution when it comes to uploading and sharing images.

In this essence, sharing images with friends is one way of exposing your brand. Hence, it is an important way of marketing your photography and imagery services. But do you know any site offering free image hosting? Worry not. Here they are:


Sometimes running a photography website may be a hard task when you put your leg on the camera industry. You may not have the cash to pay for hosting or purchasing an attractive photography website template.  If you are in such a situation, Imgur is here for you. Imgur is a social free image hosting part of Reddit. The site allows you to upload images without having to sign up and share them on various social platforms.

Also, you can upload both animated and non-animated pictures and photos.  Here, you can upload image sizes of up to 20MB for general photos and 200MB for the animated/ GIF images.


If you are not aware, 500px is the Facebook for photographers. It is one of the largest social networking platforms for sharing and showcasing your professionalism in the photography industry. Here you can exchange photographic ideas with fellow photographers.  It is also a marketplace where you can sell image licenses whenever a follower loves your work and want to use it.

As such, the site allows you to learn while also offering you an opportunity to earn as well as to create a portfolio.  There are no restrictions on the photo sizes you can upload but as a free user; you have a limit of uploading up to 20 images per week.

Google photos

If you have a Google account, Google Photos is one of the many apps under the Gmail umbrella. The overall advantage of this site is that it automatically backs up your images. To use Google Photos, you only need to download Google Photos Apps and wait; all photos and images will be automatically uploaded. An upper hand for this site is that you can edit and categorize your images with locations, places, and things.

As you can see, you can market your photos without having a photography website. With any of this free image hosting sites, you do not have a reason to sit back and watch as your photography passion and career go to waste due to lack of funds.