Top 3 Free Stock Photo Sites for Awesome Social Media Images

In this era, apart from having a great photography website, the next item is ensuring your business has a real and interactive social page. Finding suitable images that represent your business on social media is a major headache some times.

Mainly, if you do not have a stable photographic budget, you may end up losing on the social presence race.  Accessing high-quality images require you to pay significant amounts for licenses and copyrights. Also getting good pictures on the free stock photo sites may be a hard task.

Fortunately, you’ve got an answer. Here are the top three free stock photo sites housing the best images for your social media.

I M Free

Just as you may read the name as “I ‘m free,” this site offers you freedom when it comes to free photo selection. Whether you are looking for images for commercial use, or just for fun, I M free is the go-to site. The site offers you images and templates to use in your social media.

Notably, the site owner understands the value of time. The images are well-organized under their particular themes such as education, technology, and business. As such, it only takes you some minutes to get a photo of your choice.


 If I M Free does not have images of your preference, Pixabay is the alternative. The site offers you over 490,000 images to make your choice. All the photos are under the Creative Commons meaning that you have an opportunity to download images for commercial uses in Pixabay.

Hence, if you are seeking images to include in your social media marketing campaigns or ads, the Pixabay is the better option. The best thing about Pixabay is that you can get vector and illustration images which are favorable for use in social platforms.

Lock and Stock Photos

If you believe in the policy of sharing is caring, or have a future dream of creating a free stock photos resource as a way of giving back to the photographer community, then your ambition matches well with those of AJ Montpetit.

Montpetit is the founder of Lock and Stock Photos which was a way of assisting photographers like you to access images for free. The site offers you classic images without any attribution requirements. However, if appreciation is one of your values, giving an attribute is a good idea.


In the end, whether you are looking images for commercial use or for integrating with your social media posts, any of the above free stock photos sites can be useful.